The Power of 19

The Power of 19: The Joy of the Climate Change and Consciousness Movement
By conference convener, Stephanie Mines

 “The deeper we open our hearts the better the weather becomes.”  Richard Rudd

Even in the summer it often feels cold these days, living in the shadow of the decline of democracy, rise of totalitarianism and greed that belies climate change. It is difficult to find a secure foothold, as species slip away like gravel scattering with every step upon a steep slope. I often sense that I am caught in someone else’s dream, stuck in an inhumane world where heartless decisions are routinely made and I am powerless to change this trajectory.

But each time such thoughts overtake me, I renew my determination to not react to threat with the panic that originally shaped my nervous system in a home haunted by the Holocaust, WWII and their epigenetic downloads. I am committed to evolving beyond the black and white of anxiety, fear, and outrage. I do and will continue to find new activism that is regenerating, enlivening, effective and caring. This is my mantra; my affirmation.

When I am working on the Climate Change & Consciousness conference or serving students, clients and communities I am OK, secure in my contributions. But when I stop working, I inhale the toxic corruption that is consuming my beautiful country. I hear the cries of migrant children. I read the writing about climate change on the world’s crumbling geologic walls. It seems there is no place to rest.

It was in this turmoil of despair that I stumbled upon some of the meanings of the number 19. It started when I realized that the gateway to the opening of the Climate Change & Consciousness gathering was the first night of the observance of Passover: April 19, 2019.  I noted that this was followed by Easter on April 21, and then Earth Day on April 22, 2019. This sequence of auspicious dates, initiated on April 19 and declaring in boldface that there was orchestration to the timing selected, “just” because it was available, for CCC19. Curious to learn more about this I investigated the number 19 from different perspectives. Exploring the interpretations and messages of that number became a playful distraction from my angst.

In numerology 19 represents compassion, tolerance, enthusiasm and initiative. It is the beginning in #1 and the culmination in #9. In the Bible #19 is said to reflect “God’s perfect order.” Because 1 plus 9 equals 10, the number 10 is included in the meaning of 19. From a numerological and a Biblical standpoint, 10 is said to represent infinite potential. Absorbing these perspectives I regained my awareness of the larger intentionality that I was participating in and the possibility that I could rest in that. Orienting this way cleared some of my heartache. Things got even better as I explored two other resources for the number 19: the Gene Keys and the energy medicine system I teach in the TARA Approach.

GK 19 (0_00_00_00)

The 19th Gene Key is ‘Sensitivity.’ The sensitivity that is referenced is to ourselves and why we are here. Gene Key #19 describes the path of human evolution through the discovery of the mind of nature within us. It demonstrates that we each have a gift of unique sensitivity that allows us to know that being and doing what we love merges us with nature. Or, said another way, it is through intimacy with our own nature that we are able to attach or reconnect to the natural world. We find this nature when we separate from outer dependence. Liberation from addiction (co-dependency) leads to selecting and respecting a specific purpose in being. The courage to not be dependent on external structures opens a book of possibilities. This brings the movement for climate change mitigation and the responsibility for the children of the world into the realms of exuberance and joy at the discovery of new options.

One of the original principles that I articulated when I received profoundly somatic guidance to launch CCC19 was that each individual participating would be supported to find a direct and intimate connection with the natural world. Gene Key #19 validates this principle through articulating that the fulfillment of one’s authentic purpose in life leads not only to a new story for humanity but, in fact, to a unified, collective and eternal story. “Once humans overcome their dependence on outside agencies, they finally achieve independence,” the key reads, adding: “Once they attain independence, they have to take another leap. They have to give up their hard-earned independence to trust in the totality itself.” Love for one’s service to nature leads inevitably to a unified field of consciousness according to Gene Key #19.

I have been teaching a trauma-informed meridian-based touch therapy called Jin Shin, the art of compassion, for decades. It includes a map of the body illustrating what I call the Sacred Sites. Sacred Site #19 evokes sensations in the body that allow us to follow inner direction, reject distractions and build focus. By holding this site and its corollary, called High 19, one is able to say no to procrastination and yes to purpose. Therefore the sites 19 and High 19 are physiologically empowering. They articulate the boundaries that are essential for clearing the way for manifestation and action and they generate a felt sense of support by relieving back tension.

This resonated now for me with the 19th Gene Key where one’s ability to separate from others (freedom from co-dependence) becomes the path of finding one’s inner nature which is the precursor to merging with the mind of nature. The link between the personal and the collective, a topic I am consumed by, was clarifying as I explored more ramifications of the number 19. Now I was feeling really good; hopeful; and fulfilled by a truth that was bigger than me and that I was serving. I was coming back into alignment with myself and differentiating from the toxicity of the cultural malaise fuming all about me.

Then I consulted my I Ching. Hexagram #19 is called Approach. It relates to the spring, the season of CCC19. “There is vitality in the air,” the passage reads. “This is a time of hopeful progress and must be used to best advantage. All in all, a clear road lies ahead. Take action now. No spring lasts forever. New relationships are the bounty of these good times.”

By now I was on the same page with Eileen Caddy’s statement, “All is very, very well.” In the midst of the threats that I had allowed to undermine me I was claiming my own peace, joy and confidence, emerging from agitation and distress into my real purpose for being. It is this attitude of love, assurance and faith that builds a collective force for the children of the future and for our own experience, right now, of thriving in a climate changing world. I want to share this journey with you. Each time I retrace these steps the outcome becomes more evanescent; more secure.

Please feel free to share in the comments how you are finding your way from grief and despair to exultation and even joy at the promise that the merger of climate change with your consciousness offers.

3 thoughts on “The Power of 19

  1. Thank you, Stephanie. I needed this today to keep on track. I was just introduced to the Gene Keys two weeks ago in a spiritual group that is doing Earth grid healing work. For me, I keep sane most days by reclaiming cycles, as I previously wrote, and also by moving back and forth between different dimensions of Consciousness, resting in non-duality as much as possible, breathing, then returning renewed to the current 3D Timeline knowing I can be part of the puzzle of positive change. On a good day. I’m going to print out your blog as a reminder!


    1. Thank you Debra for sharing the folding and unfolding cycles of meeting the challenges of these times and finding our way to resilience. I am teaching right now in Bellingham, Washington in the US. I am thrilled to see communities forming and incorporating sustainable health practices, preparing for a climate changing world with love. What is even better is that these communities are connecting with other communities. This is what we want to promote at CCC19! Let’s share these positive developments and boost each other’s spirits!


  2. “. . . And so we come to the forty third Hexagram of the I-Ching, Kuai (break-through or resoluteness), as expressed in the Wilhelm-Baynes translation of the I-Ching:

    The Image

    The lake has risen up to heaven:

    The image of BREAK-THROUGH.

    Thus the superior man

    Dispenses riches downward

    And refrains from resting on his virtue.

    Wilhelm and Baynes write, “The hexagramKuai actually means a break-through as when a river bursts its dams in seasons of flood. The five strong lines are thought of as mounting from below, resolutely forcing the weak upper line out of the hexagram.”

    . . . and my Gene Key #43 . . .






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