Conference Schedule

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Purpose and Intention

Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth, April 20-26 2019, will be a collaborative and participatory investigation into how we can steward a sustainable future on what has already become a radically changed planet Earth. We have travelled to this ‘new’ planet on a burst of carbon dioxide. A new planet requires new ways of living.

The conference will bring together eminent scientists, wisdom keepers, business people, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, young people and others, to envision and begin to inhabit our joint future. It will be an international, inter-generational and multi-disciplinary gathering. This is the principle of ‘the big tent‘, borrowed from party politics, whereby diverse viewpoints, backgrounds and interests (the ‘voices in the room’) are brought together to engage and dialogue.

New voices in the room graphic small
Floor plan of the Universal Hall, the main conference venue, with
a symbolic representation of the diversity of ‘voices in the room.’

Through interactive, embodied and experiential means, participants will access intuitive, intelligent and innovative insights into how we will meet the demands of this new world. Each individual will be invited to invoke their ‘Legacy for the Earth.’ Our combined roles and commitment will represent a global mission of stewardship. Everyone will be part of this love story.

Participants will collaborate in exploring:

  • The science and truth of climate change in language that we can all comprehend;
  • Ways to embody our longing to connect with the Earth and hear Her voice;
  • How we can build and rebuild communities as functional entities;
  • Political, legal and social activism, and networking for social change;
  • How do we nurture children and support youth to restore our environment;
  • Soil restoration, organic food production and community-scale agriculture;
  • Alternative energy sources and appropriate technologies;
  • Biodiversity and the intrinsic preciousness of all species;
  • Racism, misogyny and gender bias – how they deepen the environmental crisis;
  • Contemporary and traditional resources to address the trauma of climate change;
  • What can we learn from indigenous cultures, activists and wisdom keepers;
  • Healthcare and the detoxification of environmental pollutants and toxins; and
  • How to generate inspiration for a grassroots upsurge to reclaim our future.


Three major threads running though the conference will be:

  • AWAKE: Facing the truths of climate change.
  • CELEBRATE: Using the arts to express our love for the Earth and all life.
  • ACT: Developing our response, locally and globally.


These principles were received along with the guidance for the manifestation of CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS on November 8, 2016:

1. That the gathering be a grassroots representation of diverse global populations;
2. That the gathering be held at the Findhorn Foundation due to its origins and because it represents and embodies community and sustainability;
3. That indigenous environmental leaders be represented;
4. That youth play a significant role and that their voices be heard;
5. That all participants, both at the conference and online, be encouraged to connect, engage, contribute and network.
6. That everyone at the gathering have an opportunity to establish and cultivate a direct, intimate and personal relationship with Nature;
7. That the gathering be infused with art as one of the key celebrations of human creativity and resiliency;
8. That the outcome of the gathering be the creation of networks of innovation and communities of inspired action;
9. That these networks and community initiatives be seeded before the conference begins; and,
10. That they be effectively supported to grow and flourish after the conference ends, in order to accelerate the generation of sustainable, life-serving responses to climate change.


While words like ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainability’ are in the popular parlance, the truth about the magnitude of our environmental predicament is not well understood. This is in part because the language used to deliver the science is frequently infused with acronyms that deter engagement. This conference will translate scientific jargon into language that is accessible to anyone. In addition, we intend a celebratory response to climate change that emphasises human resilience and creativity, which is key to coping with the scientific reality. These two sides of the coin (environmental science and celebratory resilience) will be linked at every juncture of this gathering.

This conference will be led by some of the most knowledgeable and highly regarded voices of the climate change movement. The key contributors are recognised internationally for their expertise, their commanding presence, and their proven capacity to identify practical and optimistic strategies for sustainability action. Joining these voices with those of artists, healers, parents and youth has seldom been attempted in quite such a way.


We are planning (although it’s funding dependant), a separate youth programme that will run parallel to the conference. Youth aged 13 – 19 will form a contingent that will join with, and present to, the entire assembly. Their ideas will be woven into an action plan that is developed for follow through after the event. The intention will be to permeate schools and social media with viable options for surviving and thriving in a climate-changing world.


The Findhorn Foundation and Community is a renowned ecovillage, spiritual community and learning centre (See blog post here). This conference comes at a time when the art of community building is badly needed. Findhorn famously demonstrates the potential of community to develop low-impact settlements and lifestyles. Further, Findhorn’s deep roots in the natural world and 50 years of ‘co-creation with the intelligence of nature’ makes it the perfect host for this event.

The central intention of Climate Change & Consciousness is to encourage the participants (including thousands watching by live-stream) to prioritise their love for the Earth, putting the environment first in order to steward for the children of the future. This epitomises the role that Findhorn has long played in raising consciousness for the good of the whole. This conference fulfils Findhorn’s essential purpose as a lighthouse beaming forth messages from Mother Nature.

ozpics-017The Universal Hall at Findhorn, the main conference venue.