By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Long before it was considered fashionable, George Goudsmit sought both extrinsic and intrinsic value from his acute business acumen. With a sharpened appreciation for innovative thinking, he balanced fiscal success with ethical products and principled professional procedures. His intense interest in new technologies and fair business tactics have created a … Continue reading ENTREPRENEUR WITH A CONSCIENCE

The Naked Eye: Facing Climate Injustice and Finding Hope

An Interview with Kosha Joubert by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “We are fighting for minerals to remain in the subsoil and for oil to remain unexploded. These are the solutions to climate change and a way to preserve biodiversity which is our true wealth.” Statement of the Meeting of Women on Climate Change and Extractive Industry … Continue reading The Naked Eye: Facing Climate Injustice and Finding Hope


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Ever since we first publicized the conference, Climate Change & Consciousness (CCC19), we have fielded questions like, “Why consciousness?" and "What’s the connection between climate change and consciousness?” This post offers a partial response to such questions. When humans are confronted with an overwhelming threat, the dominant outcome is activation … Continue reading WHY CONSCIOUSNESS?


An Introduction by guest blogger, Bob Yuhnke... ...to an article in the Guardian titled, Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ My dearest friends, This article from the Guardian warns that rising global heat bodes ill for humanity. Beware this summer. It’s going to be a scorcher, with massive fires in too many places … Continue reading UNCHARTED TERRITORY!

Climate change is happening now

By Guardian correspondent, Missy Stults. Donald Trump has rejected global leadership on the issue, so now it’s down to us as individuals to plan, and push through new policies change where we can. Here are eight initial actions that individuals, as well as governments, could take immediately to prepare: 1) Make a plan; build a kit. 2) … Continue reading Climate change is happening now