Below is a growing list of registered HUBS that will take the livestream from Findhorn and self-organise an event of their own based upon it. If you wish to join a hub (i.e. attend in person) then please contact them directly via the links below.

Kosmos Journal

KosmosKosmos, the journal for transformation in harmony with all Life, is using the wonderful occasion of CCC19 to offer its own concurrent hub gathering, the Kosmos Climate, Consciousness and Community Summit. Attendees will gather in the thriving Transition Town of Media, -Pennsylvania, USA during April 20-23.

Summit themes will include:
–   Facing climate reality and intersectionality
–   Working with grief | Reconnecting to Mother Earth
–   Renewing our resolve through community
–   Resilience and appropriate response

Kosmos Journal is publishing a CCC19 companion edition of its e-Quarterly on March 20. For more info on the Summit or the Quarterly, please visit


Hawkwood3Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking will be hosting live streaming of plenary sessions, interactive workshops and open space sessions. There will be some group sessions hosted in person, too. We are bringing the conference to you!

Come and join us at Hawkwood, Stroud GL6 7QW, UK. Residential options, including bed, breakfast, lunch, supper and refreshments, starting with supper on Saturday 20 April and ending at 5.30pm on Friday 26 April. Day attendees also very welcome. Click here for more information and to book your place. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

ClimateWorks Foundation

ClimateWorks Foundation logo2ClimateWorks is an NGO that works globally with funders, research partners and other climate leaders to strengthen philanthropy’s response to climate change.

ClimateWorks, based in San Francisco, California, USA, will be hosting a livestream of relevant late afternoon and evening sessions from Findhorn (i.e. early morning to lunch time, California), as well as recordings of morning Keynotes. If you are interested in attending for any specific days or sessions please contact us to see if there is additional space.

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