Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is an extremely popular philosopher, author and internationally renowned speaker and program facilitator. His books include The Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics and most recently, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, which addresses the impacts of climate change.

Quotes from Charles

“Humanity is meant to join fully the tribe of all life on Earth, offering our uniquely human gifts towards the wellbeing and development of the whole.”

“Enlightenment is a group activity.”

“The path of service is a path of self-realization.”

“Our salvation must come from recovering a direct relationship to what is alive in front of us.”

Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres is the former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). She was responsible for the international climate change negotiations after the failed Copenhagen Conference of 2009. She directed the events that led to the historic Paris Agreement of 2015.

Quotes from Christiana

“What is the world we want? What is the future we want to create? We want a world with full access to clean energy. This is technically possible! We want all countries and regions to be energy independent. We want a world with enough energy for everyone and this has to be energy that brings wellbeing. The arc of transition is underway. How we choose to transition ourselves is our sovereign decision.”

“What would it take for transportation to go to zero emissions? What would it take to transition jobs into a new, diversified economy? We are living in a dynamic world in which these are our questions and this is our transition. Exponential progress is entirely possible.”

Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins is the Founder and Lead Advocate for Ecocide Law. She is the holder of the Arne Naess Professorship at Oslo University. She won the People’s Book Award in non-fiction for Eradicating Ecocide. She is also the Founder of the Earth Community Trust and co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance. Ecologist Magazine named her one of the top ten visionary thinkers in the world.

Quotes from Polly

“The shift in consciousness required here is an espousal of our collective responsibility for the ecology of our planet. Once we have that shift we will have true social progress.”

“Ending the era of ecocide is our choice.”

“Without the wellbeing of the ecology of our planet, our wellbeing suffers.”

“As a global society we stand at the precipice, teetering on the brink of shifting from independence to interdependence.”

“Calls for public and environmental justice are about securing peaceful life for future generations, the aspiration for a better world. To me, this is the ultimate altruistic act; to give your life in service for a greater good. My rallying call is for life for all who inhabit this planet, not just humans. It can be your call too if you so choose. I ask you to join me.”

“We have a wonderful chance to change our outcome. What happens to our planet is up to us. Only we can choose to stop this mass ecocide, for present and future generations. Whether or not you take this step is an echo of whether or not civilization as a whole is ready to take a quantum leap.”

“This is a time for courage and leadership both in small communities and large; a time for constructive and timely intervention. No more excuses, no more postponements, no more procrastinations. We can speak for the Earth – we are the Earth. Our fundamental imperative is first to do no harm. We have an obligation to restore the lost world that our civilization has destroyed. It is our sacred trust; it is our sacred duty, a duty which we can choose to uphold. Eradicate the ecocide and all life on Earth will once again flourish.”

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is an award winning syndicated journalist and best–selling author of The Shock Doctrine. Her critically acclaimed newest book, This Changes Everything, won the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for nonfiction. In 2014 her reporting from Iraq won the James Aronson Award for Social Justice. Naomi is on the Board of

“The only hope is to allow the terror of an unlivable future to be balanced by the prospect of building something much better than many of us have previously dared hope.”

Quotes from Naomi

“We need to think differently, radically differently. We must become partners in a grand project of mutual reinvention.”

“Climate change is not an issue. It is a civilization wake-up call. It is spoken in the language of fires, floods, droughts, and extinctions. It is telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet. It is telling us that we need to evolve.”

“Because of decades of denial, no gradual, incremental options are now available to us. Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us.”

“Politicians are not the only ones with the power to declare a crisis. Mass movements of regular people can declare one too.”

“What we need is a shift towards communities.”

“The many people who are getting a rotten deal can change the balance of power.”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a 17 year old indigenous (Aztec) climate activist launched his first environmental campaign at the age of six. With beauty, flare and music he has taken on fracking, developed a climate recovery plan, and spoken at the Rio + 20 Summit and the UN. His mission, he says, is to reach out to youth and invite them to be advocates for the Earth. He received the Peace First Prize in 2015 and the Children’s Climate Prize in Sweden in 2016. He is now the Youth Director of the international organization Earth Guardians.

Quotes from Xiuhtezcatl

“My generation faces a total systemic collapse on every level of our planet. Never before has there been such an intergenerational opportunity to shape the world we serve.”

“Every young person in the world has the potential to lead. There is nothing holding us back. When I was 9 years old I loved being outside. I was concerned about pesticides being sprayed in our parks. My friends and I got together and went to the City Council and got them to rewrite their entire pest management position. The message I took away from that experience is that whether it is on the local level or it is about the entire world, we can take on the leadership role. We deserve a healthy environment to live in.“

“I have to do something with the sadness I feel about what is happening to my world. I am totally in love with this planet and it is falling apart. I have to use my voice and my passion to make a difference. I have to education, empower and inspire.”

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is a pioneer of the climate change movement. He is a best-selling author, journalist and environmental activist. He founded which is the first planet-wide, grassroots climate change movement. Bill was the 2013 winner of the Gandhi Prize and the Thomas Merton Prize. He is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College. The Boston Globe calls him “America’s most important environmentalist.”,

Quotes from Bill

“We must step up the fight to keep climate change from getting even more powerfully out of control, and to protect those people most at risk, who are almost always those who have done the least to cause the problem.”

“We will build the architecture of the world that comes next. We will create the dispersed and localized societies that can survive the damage that we can no longer prevent. We still must live on the world we’ve created and we will do that lightly, carefully, and gracefully.”

Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt, CBE, is an eminent environmentalist, writer, and the Founder and Director of Forum for the Future, the UK’s leading sustainable development charity. He was co-chair of the British Green Party (1980-83); Director of Friends of the Earth (1984-90); Trustee of WWF UK (1991-2005); and is involved in the work of many NGOs and charities as Patron, Chair or Special Adviser. Jonathon received a CBE in January 2000 for services to environmental protection.

Quotes from Jonathon

“Imagine the good world we are going to be living in – massively improved by smart, clean technology, and committed to a much fairer, more sustainable model of economic growth.”

“Practically everything we need to fashion a sustainable world for nine billion people is either out there, on the drawing board or in the lab. And the pace of change is extraordinary, the wealth creating potential quite staggering.”

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva PhD. is a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, physicist, feminist, philosopher of science, science policy advocate and author of 20 books. She has taken on what is likely one of the greatest challenges of climate change – feeding a growing population without further harming the Earth. Vandana has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Right Livelihood Award in 1993. She advises governments worldwide.

Quotes from Vandana

“Soil teaches us how to be earth citizens.”

“We will either make a democratic transition from oil to soil or we will perish.”

“Soil is the metaphor of decentralized and deep democracy.”

“Living economies are grounded in the soil; literally and metaphorically. They are localized, which reduces our ecological footprint on the planet while enhancing our wellbeing. Economies rooted in the soil are centered on nature and people.”

“it is our work with living soil that provides sustainable alternatives to the triple crisis of climate, energy, and food.”

“The high technology export crop model increases hunger. Sacred land, credit, water and technology are pre-empted for the export market. The profits flow to corporations that have no interest in feeding hungry people.”

“Earth democracy grows in the fertile soil shaped by the earth, the human imagination and human action.”


Eleanor Brown is a singer, songwriter and creative activist. She has been writing and recording since she was 8 years old and been commissioned to write and perform music for many progressive movements and actions. Her music speaks to the times we live in, offering solace and hope, spirit and soul. “Eleanor Brown beautifully captures the spirit of the work that reconnects, conveying in fresh, lyric fashion the age-old wisdom we now so need to hear” Joanna Macy (Eco-Philosopher and Author).

Margaret Elphinstone is one of Scotland’s foremost writers who has written extensively about the crises in which we now find ourselves. Margaret contributes to Dark Mountain, a British based project that seeks, through the arts, to elicit urgently needed myths that reflect our times. She is Emeritus Professor of Writing at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Scottish Literary Studies.

Mumta Ito is founder of the charity Rights of Nature and the International Centre for Holistic Law. A former financial lawyer in the City of London, she was an adviser to governments, multi-national corporations and investment banks. She is now a public interest environmental attorney. She initiated the European Citizens Initiative to put the rights of nature on the legislative agenda of the EU.

Deborah Jay Lewin is an energy worker disguised as a dance teacher. She is a senior practitioner in her field having trained with Gabrielle Roth in 1994 and as a co-founder of Open Floor International in 2014. Her knowledge of and respect for the wisdom of the body is incisive and contagious. Deborah is devoted to utilising embodied movement to harness creativity for the benefit of all beings and the Earth.

Rachelle McCabe, concert pianist and Professor of Music at Oregon State University, enjoys an international career as an artist-teacher and as a solo recitalist and highly respected chamber musician. She has performed extensively in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia and England, and has been heard on NPR’s Performance Today, the CBC, and PBS television.

Stephanie Mines is a neuroscientist, psychologist and author of five books on the treatment of trauma and shock. Stephanie first went to Findhorn in 2011 when she was a keynote speaker at the Conscious Medicine Conference. She has returned every year since and has  a strong love for the community and the place. Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon and is married to environmental attorney Robert E. Yuhnke.

Kathleen Dean Moore is a moral philosopher, nature writer, and veteran climate advocate best known for her ability to weave science, ideas, and emotions in her spoken-word performances and books. She is the author or co-editor of a dozen books, including Great Tide Rising, Moral Ground, and the newest, a novel, Piano Tide.

Dave Rock is a spoken word artist, storyteller and Authentic Speaking coach. He works with communities, co-creating rites of passage, ritual and celebration; and with stage performers and change makers to help them embody and express their message as a way of being. As a performer he finds ways to speak all voices and remember life into being whole again. 

Joey Walters is the Founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders. Her work is a soulful, authentic pathway to allow feminine leadership to emerge. She is gifted in inviting the power of ritual to accompany her gentle, clear and focused leadership. Joey is completing her first book based on her successful international series “A Call to Stand.” She lives close to nature in the woodlands of Scotland with her partner and two wee sons.

Robert E. Yuhnke  has been an environmental attorney and policy consultant for forty-five years. He co-authored the Clean Air Act in the US and has worked tirelessly for its enforcement. His ability to explain the science behind climate change and how communities must respond to survive and thrive will add significantly to this conference. Robert lives in Portland Oregon and is married to Stephanie Mines.