Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq2

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder from far North Greenland. He is a shaman, healer, storyteller and bearer of the Qilaut (wind drum). Angaangaq has been a keynote speaker at international conferences on climate change, environmental and indigenous issues. His beliefs and practices are deeply rooted in the wisdom and traditions of his people.

Quotes: “The greatest distance in the existence of Man is not from here to there nor from there to here. Nay, the greatest distance in the existence of Man is from his mind to his heart. Unless he conquers that distance he can never learn to soar like an eagle and realize his own immensity within.”
“The Ancient One’s say that One Day, when the World needs it most, the Sacred Fire will come home to the people on the Top of the World.”

Charles Eisenstein

CharlesCharles Eisenstein is an extremely popular philosopher, author and internationally renowned speaker and program facilitator. His books include The Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics and most recently, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. His forthcoming book, to be released in 2018, addresses the impacts of climate change.

Quotes: “Humanity is meant to join fully the tribe of all life on Earth, offering our uniquely human gifts towards the wellbeing and development of the whole.”
“Enlightenment is a group activity.”
“The path of service is a path of self-realization.”
“Our salvation must come from recovering a direct relationship to what is alive in front of us.”

Polly Higgins (Posthumously)

In the cruellest of ways, Polly did not make it to the conference. But we felt her presence and learned from her wisdom, none the less. Bless you dear, beautiful, brave Polly.

Polly latestPolly Higgins is founder of Ecocide Law, the Earth Community Trust and co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance. She holds the Arne Naess Chair at Oslo University and won the 2016 Polarbröd‘s Utstickarpriset prize for Future Leadership. Ecologist Magazine have named her one of the top ten visionary thinkers in the world.

Quotes: “The shift in consciousness required here is an espousal of our collective responsibility for the ecology of our planet. Once we have that shift we will have true social progress.”
“Without the wellbeing of the ecology of our planet, our wellbeing suffers.”
“Calls for public and environmental justice are about securing peaceful life for future generations, the aspiration for a better world. To me, this is the ultimate altruistic act; to give your life in service for a greater good. My rallying call is for life for all who inhabit this planet, not just humans. It can be your call too if you so choose. I ask you to join me.”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (via Skype)

Xiuhtezcatl MartinezXiuhtezcatl Martinez is a 18 year old indigenous climate activist who has spoken at the Rio + 20 Summit and the UN. With beauty, flare and music he reachs out to youth to invite them to be advocates for the Earth. He received the Peace First Prize in 2015 and the Children’s Climate Prize in Sweden in 2016.

Quotes:“My generation faces a total systemic collapse on every level of our planet. Never before has there been such an intergenerational opportunity to shape the world we serve.”
“Every young person in the world has the potential to lead. There is nothing holding us back…Whether it is on the local level or it is about the entire world, we can take on the leadership role. We deserve a healthy environment to live in.“
“I have to do something with the sadness I feel about what is happening to my world. I am totally in love with this planet and it is falling apart. I have to use my voice and my passion to make a difference. I have to education, empower and inspire.”

Bill McKibben (via Skype)

BillBill McKibben is a pioneer of the climate change movement, best-selling author, journalist, environmental activist and founder of, a global grassroots climate change movement. Bill has won the Gandhi and Thomas Merton Prizes. He is a Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College. The Boston Globe calls him “America’s most important environmentalist.”,

Quotes: “We must step up the fight to keep climate change from getting even more powerfully out of control, and to protect those people most at risk, who are almost always those who have done the least to cause the problem.”
“We will build the architecture of the world that comes next. We will create the dispersed and localized societies that can survive the damage that we can no longer prevent. We still must live on the world we’ve created and we will do that lightly, carefully, and gracefully.”

Jonathon Porritt

JonathanJonathon Porritt CBE is founder and Director of Forum for the Future, the UK’s leading sustainable development charity. He was co-chair of the British Green Party (1980-83); Director of Friends of the Earth (1984-90); and Trustee of WWF UK (1991-2005). Jonathon received a CBE in January 2000 for services to environmental protection.

Quotes: “Imagine the good world we are going to be living in – massively improved by smart, clean technology, and committed to a much fairer, more sustainable model of economic growth.”
“Practically everything we need to fashion a sustainable world for nine billion people is either out there, on the drawing board or in the lab. And the pace of change is extraordinary, the wealth creating potential quite staggering.”

Vandana Shiva

VandanaVandana Shiva PhD is a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, physicist, feminist, philosopher of science, science policy advocate and author of 20 books. She has taken on what is likely one of the greatest challenges of climate change – feeding a growing population without further harming the Earth. Vandana was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 1993.

Quotes:“Soil teaches us how to be earth citizens.”
“We will either make a democratic transition from oil to soil or we will perish.”
“Soil is the metaphor of decentralized and deep democracy.”
“Living economies are grounded in the soil; literally and metaphorically. They are localized, which reduces our ecological footprint on the planet while enhancing our wellbeing. Economies rooted in the soil are centered on nature and people.”
“Earth democracy grows in the fertile soil shaped by the earth, the human imagination and human action.”

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