It is clear that this conference will sell out in advance, such has been the level of interest. Our capacity is 350 participants due to the limitations of our accommodation, catering and venues. So we are asking those wanting to participate to submit an application to attend. We seek only participants who are passionately committed to addressing climate change with real action. And we also wish to include a diverse and balanced range of interests.

The image below is a plan of the auditorium of the Universal Hall at Findhorn. It has a capacity of about 350. The graphic is symbolic, showing the range of ‘voices in the room’ we wish to achieve. This is the principle of ‘the big tent’, borrowed from party politics, whereby diverse viewpoints, backgrounds and interests are brought together to engage and dialogue.

New voices in the room graphic small

If you wish to attend the conference and believe that you strongly represent one of these ‘voices’, (or perhaps another that is not listed), then please don’t hesitate to contact us with an application to attend. Email or simply use the contact form. Your application need only be one or two paragraphs long and include something of your background, roles, activities, interests and passions related to climate change. We also wish to hear how you might take whatever you harvest from the conference back to your networks, neighbourhoods, communities, business associates etc., whatever your circle of associates happens to be.

The conference fee is £1290 / £1020 / £840 (self-selected according to income), which includes full board for 7 days (accommodation and meals).

UPDATE, June 2018:  We have now, more or less, filled our guest accommodation (150 beds). Those registering from this point on will generally have to find their own in local B&Bs, hotels, hostels, camping etc. and receive a discount of £30/night (£210) off the above prices. We are happy to assist with this by providing an up to date listing of accommodation options and advice as needed.

Car Sharing

If you are travelling to CCC19 by car, please consider using rideshare to link with other participants who might also be travelling to Findhorn by road. There are a number of third party rideshare websites on the internet to choose from such as

Carbon Offsetting

The Findhorn community has recently developed its own carbon offsetting platform to enable residents and guests to offset the carbon emissions created by their travelling to and from Findhorn. We strongly encourage participants in CCC19 to consider this option. Please go here to calculate and offset your emissions. If you would like more background information about carbon offsetting, please go here. And if you wish to know more about how your offsetting contribution will be distributed, here is a description of the certified projects that benefit from our scheme.

ozpics-017The Universal Hall at Findhorn, the main conference venue.