Climate Change & Consciousness Livestreaming
20-26 April 2019

Connect with a worldwide community of people who are willing to face climate change and are committed to creating a sustainable future for all beings on Earth.

available to individuals, households and small or large groups at DIFFERENT prices. reduced pricing for folk on low income.

CPD points now available for participating in CCC19 via livestreaming. Go here for details.

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By registering, you can:

  • access the conference through livestreaming (live and on-demand);
  • engage with all livestreamers through livechat during the event;
  • gain access to our social network CCCnet where you can share inspiration with the conference participants and other livestreamers.

Access recordings:

  • Streamed sessions are available about 30 minutes after the end of each live session to watch on-demand in your own time.
  • You will have lifetime access to all livestreamed sessions.

Your host, Thomas George, is here to answer your questions  (

CCC19 Hubs

Create your own mini-conference

We invite you to use the livestreaming as a basis for creating your own mini-conference. Imagine groups all over the world linking together during a single week to take responsibility for their part in climate change. We envision these hubs staying connected after the conference and working towards a sustainable future for all beings.

Do you feel called to be that person in your community, company, city? Read our hub-guide and see the growing list of hubs.

If you need help with setting up a hub, please email:

Read more about CCC19 hubs here.
See a growing list of hubs here.

Streaming Schedule

CCC19 Streaming Schedule croppedClick to download overview.

Outer cover Livestream ScheduleClick to download detailed schedule.


We envisage different sizes and types of groups taking the streaming at different prices and levels of service. Subscription prices are self-selected on the basis of the size and type of group as well as personal income levels and/or an organisation’s profitability. 

Individuals, Households & Small Groups

Low income: £200
Medium income: £300
High income: £400


Organised groups, small nonprofits and businesses: £600
Medium sized nonprofits and businesses: £800
Large nonprofits, businesses and institutions: £1000

Supported Pricing

Anyone from the Global South (and anybody else on low income) can apply for a reduced livestreaming price. Just ask! Email with reasons for your application, including a brief description of your finances. We want to ensure that everybody has access, whatever their circumstances.

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