By guest blogger, Sandy Ibrahim (with introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines). Continuing our series on CCC19 participants, blogger/writer, Sandy Ibrahim, publishes in Rebelle Society, an independent online arts and mixed media magazine dedicated to using the arts to transform society. Its stated mission is to “use communication to add value to a generation saturated by … Continue reading OPRAH, APATHY, BASKETBALL AND A FEW OTHER THINGS

Climate Change Is a Mirror

Reflections on and from artist-activist and CCC19 participant, Zach Street; by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Zach Street is a long-limbed, contemplative man. His quiet presence barely suggests the ferocity of his passionate love for Nature that is revealed in his precise photography, sometimes paired with haiku-like poems. Some of these photographs grace the CCC19 website. Zach says … Continue reading Climate Change Is a Mirror


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Amongst activists, climate change draws out an innate desire to engage and connect with the human spirit. It aligns us with climate justice and arouses the creativity that is the mainstay of problem solving. This is where resilience can originate; in an upsurge of commitment to future generations. With this … Continue reading THE MAKING OF AN ACTIVIST SONGSTRESS

The Miracle of the Light

By guest blogger, Pupak Haghighi, with an introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “The transition to a fair, decent, democratic and sustainable society will require transferring power to competent and thoughtful citizen agents.” ~ David Orr Shift your gaze and soften your focus; you can see between worlds. I learned to do this in the … Continue reading The Miracle of the Light

Art as Climate Change Activism

By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “The future of mankind will, I am perfectly certain, include a return to simplicity. Art will not merely join the trend: It will actively help in bringing it about.” Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message: A Guide to Self-Realization What is the relationship between art and consciousness and, to … Continue reading Art as Climate Change Activism


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. A key tenet of the vision for the Climate Change & Consciousness conference is that the voice of youth be heard, loud and clear. That aspect of the vision is now being realised with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez joining the CCC19 programme. Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced Shoe-Tex-Caht) is the indigenous hip-hop artist who is taking on climate … Continue reading XIUHTEZCATL MARTINEZ JOINS CCC19


An Introduction by guest blogger, Bob Yuhnke... ...to an article in the Guardian titled, Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ My dearest friends, This article from the Guardian warns that rising global heat bodes ill for humanity. Beware this summer. It’s going to be a scorcher, with massive fires in too many places … Continue reading UNCHARTED TERRITORY!


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “Climate change is multifactorial; it cannot be addressed by linear strategies alone. The problem lies in our relationship with each other and the Earth. Climate change is a symptom of these relationships.” Karina Gonzalez, Student Leader at Fossil Free North Arizona University CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS: OUR LEGACY FOR THE … Continue reading Y4CC:  YOUTH FOR CLIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS