Climate Change Is a Mirror

Reflections on and from artist-activist and CCC19 participant, Zach Street; by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Zach Street is a long-limbed, contemplative man. His quiet presence barely suggests the ferocity of his passionate love for Nature that is revealed in his precise photography, sometimes paired with haiku-like poems. Some of these photographs grace the CCC19 website. Zach says … Continue reading Climate Change Is a Mirror

The Miracle of the Light

By guest blogger, Pupak Haghighi, with an introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “The transition to a fair, decent, democratic and sustainable society will require transferring power to competent and thoughtful citizen agents.” ~ David Orr Shift your gaze and soften your focus; you can see between worlds. I learned to do this in the … Continue reading The Miracle of the Light

Art as Climate Change Activism

By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “The future of mankind will, I am perfectly certain, include a return to simplicity. Art will not merely join the trend: It will actively help in bringing it about.” Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message: A Guide to Self-Realization What is the relationship between art and consciousness and, to … Continue reading Art as Climate Change Activism

The Voice of Dark Mountain

By guest blogger, Margaret Elphinstone, with an introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Margaret Elphinstone is one of Scotland's greatest novelists. She belongs to a collective called Dark Mountain where writers explore some of the most agonizing aspects of climate change, such as species extinction. I first met Margaret at Moniach Mhor, a writing retreat … Continue reading The Voice of Dark Mountain