What Will We Tell Our Children?

By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. A Review of ‘Climate Generation: Awakening to Our Children’s Future,’ a new book authored by CCC19 participant, Lorna Gold Lorna Gold’s book, Climate Generation: Awakening to Our Children’s Future, offers an accessible rendition of climate science and an action-path to mitigation. But what is really striking to me is that … Continue reading What Will We Tell Our Children?

Rebels of the Caribbean

By Stephanie Mines and Stina Herberg. We don’t generally think of the Caribbean as a place of suffering and vulnerability. However, Stina Herberg and Selwyn Patterson, who are fund raising to attend the CCC19 conference at Findhorn, live on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent where each day they experience the truth of the Caribbean’s … Continue reading Rebels of the Caribbean


By guest blogger, Sandy Ibrahim (with introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines). Continuing our series on CCC19 participants, blogger/writer, Sandy Ibrahim, publishes in Rebelle Society, an independent online arts and mixed media magazine dedicated to using the arts to transform society. Its stated mission is to “use communication to add value to a generation saturated by … Continue reading OPRAH, APATHY, BASKETBALL AND A FEW OTHER THINGS


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. My father was not available to protect me from the dangers of life, nor show me how to navigate the world. He abandoned our family, returning periodically only to disappear again. We later discovered that he had other families and that I had siblings whom I’d never met. The situation was … Continue reading FATHERS, FAMILIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE