Reclaiming Cycles in a Time of Loss

By guest blogger and CCC19 participant, Debra Denker.* Year by year, we are losing the seasons that have marked human culture, animal migrations, and the cycles of plant life for thousands of years. Spring comes to the Arctic 16 days earlier than a mere decade ago, according to a recent article in The Guardian. And it’s not just the … Continue reading Reclaiming Cycles in a Time of Loss

The Voice of Dark Mountain

By guest blogger, Margaret Elphinstone, with an introduction by conference convener, Stephanie Mines. Margaret Elphinstone is one of Scotland's greatest novelists. She belongs to a collective called Dark Mountain where writers explore some of the most agonizing aspects of climate change, such as species extinction. I first met Margaret at Moniach Mhor, a writing retreat … Continue reading The Voice of Dark Mountain