Te Akau Wharehoka: a Māori Karate Kid

By conference convener, Stephanie Mines Continuing our series on participants coming to CCC19, this post is based on an interview with Te Akau Wharehoka, an activist Māori youth who will attend the conference with the generous support of an anonymous donor. If readers are inspired to want to donate to bring more young indigenous activists, … Continue reading Te Akau Wharehoka: a Māori Karate Kid


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. The Findhorn Foundation has held approximately 80 conferences over a 40 year period. And yet, Climate Change & Consciousness in April 2019 will be unique in that, for the first time, we are asking participants to ‘pitch’ for their place. They are required to write about their background, roles, activities, … Continue reading PORTRAITS OF REMARKABLE PARTICIPANTS


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. A key tenet of the vision for the Climate Change & Consciousness conference is that the voice of youth be heard, loud and clear. That aspect of the vision is now being realised with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez joining the CCC19 programme. Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced Shoe-Tex-Caht) is the indigenous hip-hop artist who is taking on climate … Continue reading XIUHTEZCATL MARTINEZ JOINS CCC19


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. In March 2017 the Washington Post reported that a group of high school students in Kansas, working on an article for their campus newspaper, discovered that their newly hired principal was misrepresenting her credentials. While some were initially incredulous, the voices of the young journalists ultimately prevailed and the woman … Continue reading LISTENING TO YOUTH


By conference convener, Stephanie Mines. “Climate change is multifactorial; it cannot be addressed by linear strategies alone. The problem lies in our relationship with each other and the Earth. Climate change is a symptom of these relationships.” Karina Gonzalez, Student Leader at Fossil Free North Arizona University CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS: OUR LEGACY FOR THE … Continue reading Y4CC:  YOUTH FOR CLIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS