Walking the Land

Global Partnership in the time of Climate Change

Walking the Land is a project to emerge from CCC19, designed to support the incredible work that is already happening in the indigenous communities represented at the conference.

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Our vision for involvement is simple. We are suggesting that individuals identify a community project they want to support and directly contact one of our friends in that community. You will find contact information for each proposal in this document. For example, if you wish to support Visolela, one of her requests is for someone to design a website for her. Another need is financial support to build a school. These conversations will happen between the partner from the South/indigenous community and the conference angels that come forward to support any one of these vital projects. We trust and believe that at the very least 2 people from our CCC community will support each one of these proposals. Georg and Kathleen will keep track of who has been approached to make sure that not one person gets left out.

We think that this initiative should be based on mutual trust, in accordance with the principles of gift economy envisaged by the thinkers of the new time, instead of a rigid reporting and accountability system, as it is typical of today’s ways of development cooperation. We trust that all recipients of support from the CCC community will be happy to inform about what has been achieved in the frame of their projects and thus contribute to perpetuate and multiply these efforts.

We ask that you also please consider sharing these proposals in your own communities so that our circle of support and influence can ever widen. Let us find and feed the ripple effects of our gathering through supporting and nurturing a global network of our brothers and sisters around the world already engaged in addressing climate disruption.