The COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium (CCC19)

Current Evidence on COVID-19 and Cancer

The current dataset includes more than 200 published clinical studies comprising more than twenty thousand patients with cancer and COVID-19 and over 150 relevant registered clinical trials. Extracted information includes study type, median age, gender ratio, tissue of origin and cancer type, and treatment-specific mortality.

This dataset includes published clinical studies that report on clinical outcomes related to the use of these treatments for cancer, as well as registered clinical trials investigating these treatments for cancer. From each study, detailed information such as cancer type, study type and clinical trial phase, whether the drug was used alone or in combination, and the therapeutic association was extracted.
Both Reboot: COVID-Cancer Project datasets are licensed by Reboot Rx, Inc. under CC BY-NC 4.0.

If information from the project or datasets is utilized in published or unpublished work, please cite: ‘Reboot: COVID-Cancer Project. Reboot Rx, Inc., 2020, Accessed [DATE]’. This is an ongoing effort and future data releases will include updates to the existing datasets, additional analyses, and communication of specific insights as they emerge. Contact the team at to learn more or get involved.

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